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find common ground with the president. >>> 7:04. they are still counting votes in florida from tuesday's election. but mitt romney's top campaign official in florida now says president obama will win the state. president obama leads romney in florida. the romney campaign in florida says it only expects the president's lead in the state to grow as more ballots are counted. president obama won the election even without florida's 29 electoral college votes. >>> schools are scrambling to readjust their budgets after the passing of the proposition in california. schools will receive $14 billion more over the next four years than they would have if the measure had failed. high-earning californians may have to recalculate their budgets. under prop 30, people making more than $250,000 a year will pay up to 3% more in income taxes than in previous years. that's retroactive. and the sales tax is going up .25. >>> in a short while, some people will get extra help for the holidays. janine de la vega live in san jose where about 100 people camped out overnight in the rain and the cold. so janine, w
, the new development in florida. it's all ahead here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, welcome to a brand new day, it's friday. it's november 9th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. >> rosemary orozco is joining us as well. >>> did you hear the thunderstorm. >> i did it woke me up. >> it's calmed down just a little bit but earlier this morning a band of showers and thunderstorms maude across the peninsula and into the -- moved across the peninsula and into the east bay. hail and thunderstorms in many areas. we're watching just a few scattered showers into fremont and the south bay. look at that pink. that's a mix of rain and snowfalling over the higher elevations. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your friday and the weekend coming up. good morning sal. >>> good morning. right now 2:37. traffic looks good crossing 880 as you drive over to 101. should be a nice drive but it's a little bit wet from the overnight rain. 680 traffic looks good. 5 o o'clock. let's go back to t
berkeley many >>> the election may be over in florida the votes still counted. while the race is still too close to call there, the romney campaign admits president obama is likely to come out on top. florida victory would put president obama's final electoral college count at 332, romney 206. florida is taking so long because of thousands of provisional ballots. most of those ballots are from democratic strongholds like miami-dade. >>> wall street down again in morning, slightly. former executive with apple isn't faring well in the retail world. >>> good morning. may have done a great job at apple, but it doesn't seem to be working at jc penney, ron johnson, apple's retail now ceo of pennies, -- [ inaudible ] [ unintelligible ] ment . >>> hope everything is okay and power is on for her. >>> for us, we have the storm, showers are starting to move out an hour ago i -- [ unintelligible ] >>> you want to check ahead with our flight tracker. i have to walk obvious to the screen is that snow or just a lingering cloud? that might be a lingering cloud, unfortunately. bummer, bummer, i wanted to s
will win florida. president obama leads mitt romney in florida, 49.9% to 49.3%. the romney campaigns says it expects the president's lead to get bilgier as more of the votes are counted. president obama was reelected without florida's 29 electoral college votes. >>> back over to sal who's checking in on the south bay right now. >> that's right and in the southeast bay we've had rain and just some drizzle and we can see it on this picture i'm going to show you, 237 is a little bit wet there and as rosemary had said a cell moved through and you could give yourself extra time. one of the biggest things that gets people in trouble is stopping distance, you're driving along, something happens and you can't stop in time and there's a wreck. just give yourself extra time and slow it down. and also be more aware. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up for about 10 minute delay from the about the middle of the parking lot. it is not as bad as it would be on a wednesday, let's say, but still a little bit of a delay here. on the peninsula, 101 looks good if you're driving to th
al sur de la florida una masa de aire afecta a los residentes del país, desde montana y dakotas, otro frente frío se acerca, con vientos en ráfagas de viento hacia el fin de semana. >>nosotros condiciónes secas, no hay precipitaciones noroeste del país. >>eso permite a los residentes palear esta actividad de nieve, nueva york 4 pulgadas. >>la baja presión afecta maine, dando tregua hacia el noroeste. >>tranqulas condiciónes en sureste de california. >>la humedad permite descenso de temperaturas >>sobre las montañas se espera actividad de nieve. >>tormenta invernal sobre las dakotas. aviso de fuegos forestales en el sur de la florida >>temperaturas para el fin de semana en los 40 >>paso texas 80 los Ángeles 65 grados ,continua la lluvia hasta el sábado, es todo de mi parte, continuamos con más >>muchas gracias, en otras informacion un alumno de la escuela de suboficiales perdió la vida por una tradicion que lo lanzo a un pozo septico, alli contrajo un virus que le quito la vida. >>estaba feliz,pero meses después murió tras ser sometido a una tradicion que consiste en entr
, where they will address the so-called fiscal cliff. votes are still being counted in florida. lawmakers are also counting, 53 days until the fiscal cliff. with steep cuts and tax hikes will take effect if congress cannot agree on how to intervene. >> boehner's position is where it was a year ago, two years ago, four years ago. don't raise taxes, have pro economic growth policies and the government will get more revenue. not from higher taxes, but from more people working. >> in an associated press exit poll tuesday, vote irs agreed with both parties, half saying tax the rich more, and half saying, shrink government. >>> meanwhile, another down day for wall street. stocks fell over increasing concerns over lawmaker's ability to solve the fiscal cliff. the dow was down 121 points and ended the day at 12811. this follows yesterday's drop of 300 points. >>> closer to home, voters passed prop 30. many students aren't exactly celebrated. more than 100 students rallied on campus this afternoon. they're glad the passage of prop 30 will keep tuition from rising for now. it won't stop regions fro
football, number 10 florida state made a dramatic fourth quarter comeback with under a minute to go scoring on a 39-yard touchdown pass and the seminoles won a squeaker over virginia tech, 28-22. >>> just ahead, bond is back. we're real excited about that. and a new take on an old president. >>> plus, "twilight" mania is in full swing. >>> and the often forgotten victims of a natural disaster get a big boost after hurricane sandy. you're watching "early today." >>> good friday morning everyone. your weekend forecast, a storm system is lingering over northern california, diving the the south, areas that don't typically see rain will see chances today. notice the thunderstorm in san francisco, such cold air aloft, sunshine late in the afternoon may lift the thunderstorms. we could see the thunderstorms and they do contain small 45i8. as far as the weekend forecast, the storm system pushes out. notice the temperatures are very chilly in just about all areas on saturday. by the time we get to srngs we warm up in the northwest as the next little system and front comes in. we will see a chance of
's the son of former florida for governor jeb bush.tewide his uncle and grandfather were both president and his great grandfather was united states senator. george p. bush is a native eteran veteran who runs a consulting firm. he said two months ago he plans o to get into politics. he has not revealed what office ice he is pursuing in texas. te >>> the past couple weeks have been filled with politics and some pretty good jokes. here are the highlights from late night tv. >> apparently all you have to do is show up in a suit save the auto industry and kill bin laden and that will pan out. >> tuesday night mitt romney's staff briefly published the victory website by mistake. yeah, republicans called it an embarrassing error and big bird called it the scariest two minutes of my life. >> presidential elections are not about voting who gets to run naked through the white house in the my will of the night. i'm looking at you, eisenhower. >> i always wonder what the day after the election is like for the candidateneddidate who loses. gets so close to becoming >>> damages from
presidential palace in florida. this is mainly in the miami dade county they got a last wave of absentee ballots. the vote count every last one of them a president is leading by one half of a percentage point. if he gets fla. he will end up with 332. medtronic, 206. we've not seen a lot of the president--mitt romney would have received 206 possibly on the final votes from florida. >> he has been speaking with prime ministers of israel, germany, canada and will speak to the public tomorrow. and after two years after gabrielle giffords was shot the former congresswoman and came face to face in court with insured loughner..jared... the the stars are all too obvious this is video of gabrielle giffords earlier this week. as her husband pointed out in court today she struggled to walk. her right arm is paralyzed. and her speech is limited. the shooter, was sentenced today to life in prison without parole. the deal he had agreed to in order to avoid the death penalty >> in court, giffords and her husband mark kelly stood together. >> there was absolutely no way to make sense that the senseless
, with 25 years of service. from cutler bay, florida, let's greet... she teaches at a school that opened in 1854. from brooklyn new york, here's... and he teaches at todd beamer high school, named for a heroic passenger aboard a plane on 9/11. from tacoma, washington, welcome... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --
in the country, new york, denver, maine, texas, florida, and the bay area. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome rebecca randell. >> great, thank you, melinda. i'm going to ask you all to come up now. as they get seated i'll say a few words. all these panelists really bring a great wealth of experience and wisdom to what on the one hand is actually a really complicated issue and on the other hand at its very core is somewhat simple. whether it's online or off-line, bullying and harassment or as the teens that we encounter at common sense media often say, drama, it's about power. as you heard the boy on the video say, i'm the big dog. who has it, who wants it and who wants to keep it. i realize this is an incredibly simple definition so i will leave it to our panel to pick it apart and to delve deeper. each of our panelists will have the opportunity to give a brief introduction of who they are and their organizations and after we've done the rounds i will pose a series of questions to eefrp of they will and then you will all have the opportunity to interact with them yourselves so we can hav
guys down to florida to celebrate the last few days of summer. >> celebrate some warm weather. >> we've seen videos like this one before. people are getting a little sneaky trying to catch the see gulls. >> this is a video. this is a family affair and popcorn is the siegel bait. you have a brother, short boy over here. you have something under the pile of to you wells. >> looks like a dead body. >> it's a live body. part of the bait f theul. >> d sister is voed and we have dad behind the camera. as you can see, the popcorn is really attracting the seagulls. keep watching. this is an effective little game for this family. >> oh, they caught one. >> that's not very nice. the poor bird. look at them. >> it's hungry. you're right. watch his little wing. he has the west wing out. now it's wide open. listen, he's crying. >> you've got one. >> it's on video? >> yeah, you got one. >> why does he want to do one in the first place? >> the goal is to catch a seagull. >> i bet you that seagull peed his pants. >> peed his non-pants. >> the kids wanted to catch frogs in the garden. >> they did gua
forward. go to seed. >> college football no. 10. florida state and less than a minute to go ej to greechbility i love this kind of burst. 39 yards up 22 point commercial. team driving for the go ahead score by tyler interest hunting they hold on 28-22. usc fired one of the student manager. he deflated 5 football before saturday game against other gchbility you can throw and easier to catch and duck caught plenty of them. they are using the deplateed ball too. he had no idea about this. i know nothing. i'm fichlt active road teenager that's what we are lead to belief. >> i no he that. >> that's this edition of 7 news. i'm dan, for all of us here, thanks so much for watching. appreciate your tim time. see you
barbara from florida and she has a question about the holidays. >> with the holiday coming, what's your favorite tradition here? >> go ahead. >> it's funny. because my brother just adopted a little baby from ethiopia, ella, she's coming with my brother, his wife, and my mom to my house for thanksgiving and we go to the parade. i'm so excited for ella to see that. that's kind of a new tradition. >> the one time of the year i cook. and i do all the traditional stuff my mom taught me how to cook. there's no changing. you don't mess with perfection. >> thank you, have a great holiday. >>> do you know how to present yourself to get what you want? we'll tell you how to walk into a room with something called executive presence. >>> what's worse, your refrigerator handle or toilet seat? >> what do you mean? >> germs, the kind you need to worry about. >>> the truth about healthy foods, nuts to wine. we'll give you the bottom line. >>> from australia's gold coast to our coast, the adorable cody simpson after your local news. ♪ you are my sunshine, my only sunshine ♪ ♪ you make me happy when
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